Basingstoke Humanists

 Welcome to Basingstoke Humanists Group

Basingstoke Humanists Group is  a  friendly and outgoing group of Humanists covering North Hampshire and Berkshire based in Basingstoke. Humanism is a positive life stance centred on people.  We are atheists and agnostics who share a non-religious ethical outlook and seek to create a more open, just and caring society.

What do we believe?
Humanists believe we can work out for ourselves what’s right and wrong based on empathy, respect and compassion for others.  We can find our own meaning and fulfilment for the one life we know we have. We look to evidence and science as the best way to understand the world.

What do we do?
We meet to exchange ideas and socialise with like-minded people. We promote evidence-based rational thinking and provide an important balance in society by representing non-religious views. We volunteer in the community and in charitable work.

Where and when do we meet?
The group meets on the third Wednesday of every month at a variety of venues for talks and discussions.  A number of social events are organised throughout the year such as walks and pub chats.

Would you like to meet us?  Everyone is welcome!
Contact us if you would like more information on any of the events mentioned above.

Humanists UK
Basingstoke Humanists group is a partner with Humanists UK.