About Us


In May 2015, Basingstoke Humanists was established by a group of people with shared views and beliefs. The group organises talks, social events, and discussion groups. Basingstoke Humanists  also work towards increasing social contributions to the local community.

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Basingstoke Humanists members all have the opportunity to volunteer as individuals for a number of organisations.   Below are some examples:

Community work

Pastoral care forms part of the groups work in the community.  A on request visits can made to the group to provide support for those in hospitals, hospices and prisons.


Schools in Hampshire can make requests for the group to partake in assemblies, multi-faith days, religious education and debates.   We can offer a secular view as a balance to religion within the Agreed Syllabus.


Many people know of the very personal and dignified non-religious funerals that humanists have conducted for many decades.

Less well-known are our ceremonies to celebrate a marriage, civil partnership or to welcome a new baby into the world.

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These memorable occasions are led by individual members of the group who have been trained, accredited and monitored as celebrants by Humanist UK.

Partner Groups

Basingstoke Humanists is a partner group of the Humanist UK

Basingstoke Humanists a Partner Group of Humanists UK
Basingstoke Humanists affiliated to the NSS
Basingstoke Humanists affiliated to the NSS