Basingstoke Humanists -“Do’s and Don’ts”

There are many misconceptions about what Humanists do and do not want. Here are some of the “Do’s and Don’ts” about us:

Dont’s Do’s
We don’t want to burn      down churches We do want to abolish religious privilege      in politics
We don’t want to convert people to atheism We do want to end government handouts to religious organisations
We don’t want to stop religious education in schools We do want schoolchildren to learn about all the major religious, and Humanism, on an equal footing
We don’t want to end Thought for the Day on Radio 4 We do want to respect women’s rights
We don’t want the religious to be discriminated against We do want children to be free to make up their own minds about faith issues
We do support assisted dying
We do want to end the teaching of one particular faith in state-funded schools
We do want people to have a Humanist wedding if they want to
We do want to end female genital mutilation
We do want to end cruelty to animals for religious reasons
We do want to end forced marriage
We do want people to be free to change  their faith
We do want to end all wars fought in the name of religion
We do want a rational approach to addressing the world’s problems, without prejudice or supersition



A Rational Way to a Better Life