2016 Events

Here’s what we got up to in 2016!!

5th December 7.30pm – Social Meetup Venue Bartons Mill)

9th November – Genetics Talk (Venue Bartons Mill)

7th November 7.30pm – Social Meetup (Venue Bartons Mill)

12th October – The English Collective of Prostitutes (Venue Queen Mary’s College)

3rd October 7.30pm – Social Meetup (Venue Bartons Mill)

16th September 7.30pm – Debate with Maria Miller on Faith Schools (Venue Queen Mary’s College)

5th September 7.30pm – Social Meetup (Venue Bartons Mill)

6th August – Walk and pub lunch in Silchester

1st August 7.30pm – Social Meetup (Venue Bartons Mill)

13th July 7.30pm – Work of a Legal Aid Solicitor (Nick Bates) (Venue Queen Mary’s College)

4th July 7.30pm – Social Meetup (Venue Bartons Mill)

8th June 7.30pm – Being a Quaker (Sheila Peacock) (Venue Queen Mary’s College)

6th June 7.30pm – Social Meetup (Venue Bartons Mill)

11th May 7.00pm – AGM and Debate on Should Humanists Proselytise? (Venue Queen Mary’s College)

2nd May 7.30pm – Social Meetup (Venue Bartons Mill)

13th April 7.30pm – The Work of Basingstoke Samaritans (Patricia Vincent) (Venue Queen Mary’s College)

4th April 7.30pm – Social Meetup (Venue Bartons Mill Pub)

9th March 7.30pm – Druid Symbols and Beliefs (Marion Sibbins) (Venue Queen Mary’s College)

12th February – Darwin Day Social Meetup (Venue Bartons Mill Pub)

3rd February – Observing the Night Sky in Basingstoke (The Basingstoke Astronomical Society) (Venue Queen Mary’s College)

13th January – Discussion group on ‘What does Christmas mean to Humanists’? (Venue Queen Mary’s College)

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