The Meditation Mystery School

Meditation is becoming a common expression these days.  We talk of it also as mindfulness.  It has other descriptions:  awareness, wakefulness, alertness, and others.  Whatever it is known as, the outcome is the same:  To quiet the mind, and stop the chatter.

There are books galore which will instruct you on  how to meditate, and they are all useful.  However, in my experience, meeting with other meditators, in a warm, convivial and relaxed  atmosphere, where you can ask questions, and actually practice meditation, is a helpful step toward achieving the goal of a quiet mind.

I am the facilitator of this group; The Meditation Mystery School, and I have been practicing meditation for nigh on 30 plus years, and studied with my Guru, Osho, in India for many years.

We meet weekly on a Tuesday from 7:30pm to 9.00pm.  A donation of £1 is requested.  We also visit other meditation centres, such a Gaia House, and The Global Retreat Centre, as well as inviting guest speakers.

If you would like further details on our location, or any other questions arise, please contact me, Bodhiprem, by email

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